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  • Name of commodity: Anti-Static Electric Suction Tube
  • Commodity Numbers: JD19
  • Model: 6”8”10”12”14” 16”
  • Specification: 6”8”10”12”14” 16”

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Produced with a special technique and material,it can dispel static electrcity produced by the insertion of the suction tube into the intra-tracheal tube and can effortlessly be moved into the trachea. It improves the efficiency of suction and reduces the risk of hypoxemia for the patient.The suction tube is of the right hardness,it is straight and smooth and does not fold.The head of it has one straight holes and one hole on each of the four sides,which are flat and smooth and do not injure the mucosa of the trachea,the oral cavity and the throat. The manipulation is convenient and safe.