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Dell XiaoZhengFu: lead the greater China region city medical information driven model

Number of visits: Date:May 6,2011
XiaoZhengFu dell greater China market director

Last week, I was fortunate to and nearly 1,000 hospital information workers, industry experts gathered in "paradise" -- hangzhou, China's current health reform and development hot and difficult problem to make full points to discuss and share experiences. These hot and difficult including public hospital reform, electronic medical records and clinical pathway pilot and regional medical information and cloud computing, etc.

By the ministry of health in hospital management institute, China hospital association information management specialized committee (CHIMA) host annual industry event, the 2011 the hospital information network conference, the administration in listening to "competent department 1025's national health," understanding information development plans of medical information CHIMA experts, new trends and new trends, and expounds the chief information officer 3 armour hospital outside, I share best practices with industry experts Shared a dell for medical industry's vision and solutions -- "information-driven model medical".

Let me feel happy, neither party is unanimous recognition information technology for health-care reform and development are becoming more and more important role in supporting. This and dell advocated information-driven model medical "vision - that is, through accelerate deployment coincide with electronic medical records (EMR), cloud computing and efficient medical data storage and management solution, thus help medical agencies to obtain information actuates medical efficiency and advantage.

As is known to all, the informatization construction in the hospital has made rapid development. However in people get better medical service at the same time, the hospital is also facing a huge challenge - the sharp growth data, which some medical data storage management make hospital original IT equipment unbearable its negative. A survey showed that Chinese hospital chief information officer of the data of the expected future years will reach the annual growth rate of 20% to 50%, and points out the storage management and expansion will be the biggest IT challenges they are facing. Meanwhile, compared with other industries, the medical industry data more unstructured static data, so the data archive also have special requirements.

So, today's hospital argues a more professional efficient and can easily access medical filing solutions, to support effective simplified hospital of digital information storage and management work, let cross hospital application can realize more light loose, and simplify the interoperability of digital information protection and safety. Dell hopes to pass information technology to help medical institutions in the right way, to eliminate the right data management current as digital hospital patients with the explosive growth of medical image data and to control the main storage requirements, thus realize IT challenges better medical management.

Recently, we'll in China, a local technology partners to achieve this goal - dell and Shanghai haidai jia medical information systems Co., LTD launched a more efficient medical filing solutions. This solution breaches scheme adopts the data from haidai fine management software, and the Object Storage from dell DX6000 Platform, will different clinical and management system integration to a scalable central Storage repository for the hospital provides a paragraph, the integration of enterprise solution to support effective simplified hospital patients and the management of digital information with keep work, let cross hospital application can more easily realize interoperability of digital information, and simplify the protection and safety.

As the world's leading IT service provider, dell today already has more than 11,000 medical and life science professionals, and more than 500 technology partners around the world, for more than 10,000 medical providers, health plans, drugs, biotechnology, medical equipment, diagnosis and science instruments provide support.

According to China's medical environment, dell is committed to creating conforms to China's health undertakings of medical and health information solutions, including medical IT consulting service, mobile health solutions, based on electronic disease of digital hospital solution calendar and grassroots health information system solutions to wait, also won the Chinese medical industry customer recognition and favor. In the past three years time, we expanded more than 1,400 home of Chinese medical clients through IT technology help them significantly increased medical efficiency and quality.

For example, in medical IT consulting, dell help XiangYa business process optimization by two hospital release resources, big increases in the outpatient service efficiency and quality, and enhance the economic benefit of hospital. XiangYa. 2 hospital information center director huang di said: "we issue to dell service project management ability and level very satisfied, hospital medical service improved in many ways."

In the mobile medical field in China, last year we released its "mobile clinical calculation" (MCC) solution, for the medical staff brought greater flexibility, the calculation and makes them in a safe environment, patient information more easily access. And in early this year, west China hospital MCC in chengdu in sichuan province tested successfully, west China hospital to DingFeng MCC gave the CIO is very high evaluation, he said: "dell mobile clinical calculation test all we achieved the expected results, MCC scheme can save system management and maintenance upgrade time reaches as high as 80%."

Dell also aimed at China regional medical information provide IT services. We through virtualization storage, server solution and "hierarchical storage" strategy to help Shanghai songjiang center hospital established the national first regional imaging diagnostic center, realize the regional medical imaging resources sharing.

In the future, we will continue to rooted China, with advanced solutions and services promote medical industry informatization construction, support China's new cure and the development of the medical profession.

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