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Anhui medical college grew out of the province the 12th undertake grandly medical equipment exhibition

Number of visits: Date:May 6,2011
Ann QingWang news recently by the provincial health bureau and provincial food and drug administration, co-organized by province association for medical devices industry and anhui medical college grew out of anhui province undertake 12th medical equipment exhibition in hefei HuaMuCheng exhibition center in central China was open the curtain. Attend the opening ceremony of the provincial health leadership province, food and drug administration, hefei city business bureau, the municipal administration's leadership, the health, at various levels of hospital equipment, section chief, association for medical devices industry leaders and guests, etc.

The opening ceremony in anhui medical college grew out of modern dance student performances in dynamic, begin. On-site pompoms high arch, arches stands, festive lively. JinYuLian representatives of provincial children's hospital at various levels and congratulate the health hospital, deputy head of the health XuHengQiu, deputy head of the food and drug administration, the province has published since Lin director liu speech.

Anhui medical college grew out life Chen home and addressed the headmaster attended the opening ceremony. Chen comrade life home in his speech to represent the school at a meeting of the provincial health department, provincial regulators and leaders of relevant departments arrival warmest welcome! To fellow medical therapy instrument industry friends said high respects! To provide for the exhibition hall and all the auxiliary services people government, FeiXiXian hefei people's government says sincere appreciation! He points out that medical equipment industry is facing Yang industry, as humans against disease, defending health, prolong life and improve the quality of life of the important pillars and personnel restricting our serious lack of this industry development is one of the main factors, according to statistics, medical equipment engineer is only the working staff, therefore, the national development and reform commission 3.8% in early 1989 established "the biomedical work discipline." Our school since 2004 has offered medical instrument specialty, were enrolled, graduated 646 was born hsun 348, employment rate 100%. Graduates distributed in Beijing, Shanghai, guangzhou etc. More than 20 provinces and cities, some classmates has become the backbone of the profession talented person. Chen comrade stressed that school life home will further add big investment, efforts will this kind of professional into our characteristics and specialized and get level, maintain a scale.

Anhui medical college grew out as co-sponsors, the school leader wang jinsong, WangRunXia, cao yuan shall, LiuChaoXia attended the opening ceremony and appreciation dinner. School party and government management department, department (learning) department, USA mainly responsible for comrades are invited to attend. From the school medical devices, inspection, eye depending on the light and medicine such as the secretary major 400 student teams attended the opening ceremony, some students and square the corresponding trainee exhibitors.

It is reported, this second medical equipment exhibition, at present has become a three-day in east China in anhui province and even the largest, the medical profession widest influence, brand the strongest professional event. The same held the exhibition is in hospital management cadres training, hospital medical equipment committee years, academic exchange and new product, new technology companies, etc. (special correspondent: ChengJie)

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