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Fushan district startup difficulties people medical assistance, "one-stop" service system

Number of visits: Date:May 6,2011
Iaodong online nets May 24 (correspondent XingGong Samson and nan)

Ever since the new farming, the burden of rural residents a doctor. And later, the difficulty of yantai fushan district rural group in medicare reimbursement enjoy this at the same time, they have one more security, this is the latest start fushan district medical relief difficult people "one-stop" service system.

The south side with the WangJinXiu is a village residents households in patients with breast cancer, fushan district people's hospital for a period of hospitalization, total cost more than 4,000 yuan. Due to attend the new farming, so can submit an expense account 2000 multivariate. And let her bonus, fushan district recently launched difficulties people medical relief, the "one-stop" service system, she can enjoy extra together subsidies. This is not, and the last few Kings daughter to hospital for index.take jinxiu leave hospital formalities, fushan district civil affairs bureau crew had directly to the 800 multivariate subsidies in her hand. Such convert comes down, the WangJinXiu hospitalization self-paid part actually only 1000 dollars, indeed, reduced the family economic burden.

According to understand, fushan district of medical relief difficult people start "one-stop" service system, main is facing with WangJinXiu such permanent residence, fushan district in fushan administrative areas and rural residents live within minimum life guarantee object, rural "five guarantees" object and rural society to medical assistance. Diaspora orphans Specific aid standard is: because suffer from major disease in designated hospital that happened during belonging to the basic medical insurance drugs, medical project, service facilities standard "three catalogue" within the scope of the medical treatment of be in hospital costs, the urban and rural basic medical insurance reimbursement, the individual burden medical treatment of be in hospital expenses 1000 yuan (including) above to 10 thousand yuan, according to 50% to salvage proportion; The individual burden medical treatment of be in hospital costs more than 1 million yuan (including), by 60% of the proportion of aid to. Individual alleviation of annual accumulative total of not more than one million yuan. Because of abrupt medical treatment of a serious illness, personal disposable burden more than 5 million yuan and family life very difficult circumstance to give visible cannot exceed 3 million in aid.

For now, fushan district of medical relief "one-stop" settlement system has been and new farming medical system networking, that is to say, the new farming the rural residents object, the rural five guarantees supporting object and rural scattered orphan after discharge with major disease, can not only get the new rural cooperative medical reimbursement, still can enjoy civil administration of direct aid. Thus, simplify the procedure for urban and rural residents for help heal supporting object, the object of medical assistance provided a convenient way.

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