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Medical instrument enterprise phenomenal growth in the first quarter

Number of visits: Date:May 24,2011
Chinese trade financial network - in the next five to 10 years, Chinese medicine industry will continue to advance and because of medical increasingly ageing population, there are many opportunities. And in medical devices field, basic-level medical market needed a lot of upgrading medical equipment products will for medical device industry has brought new opportunities for the development in the first quarter of this year, China's medical instrument enterprise growth performance significantly.

According to an advisor industry research center in the first quarter of this year, the data show that domestic rehabilitation care and medical oxygen series medical equipment leading enterprises - diving medical realize the total business income euro3.10 billion yuan, an increase of 50.36%; Relegated to the shareholders of a listed company 6002.11 million yuan, the net profit 60.25% year-on-year. The company's blood, etc, and all have entered the oxygen-produce machine more than 30% of mature, its annual after close growth will promote the development of diving medical future enter new highs.

In addition, around the world, with six r&d center of shenzhen 8.3 several patents year to the first quarter also welcomed rick Merritt the 2004/5 campaign. In the first quarter of this year, shenzhen Wallace Rachel realize net revenue 1.809 billion dollars, up by 24%; Realize 377 million us dollars, net profit for 4.2 per cent year-on-year. Wallace Reese also introduced including the quarter anesthesia machine, defibrillation apparatus and black-and-white ultrasound system, three new products, future growth, can stay. Means

An adviser GuoFan ritual pharmaceutical industry researcher, points out that in addition to the above two medical instrument enterprise, other domestic medical equipment companies were also ushered in the high-speed growth, investigate its reason, mainly in four aspects: first, the government has to new medical basic-level medical market, and a new round upgraded medical equipment industry is very important on the one hand; Secondly, the domestic medical equipment enterprises to continuously develop new products, improve its competitiveness, new products continuously for the enterprise in line to add new profit growth point.

GuoFan ritual and points out that the pace of aging population will be accelerated, especially in some large and medium-sized cities, and it will produce numerous systematic medical products demand, it will also be for medical device related businesses provide opportunities. At last, with the improvement of people's living standard, people health care needs to increase will make medical instrument profession, and benefit based medical devices, humanization, intelligent, miniaturization of medical devices will become the biggest by ipsos varieties.

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