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"1025" medical equipment industry technology development special planning expert consultation feasibility study meeting held in Beijing

Number of visits: Date:May 24,2011
In order to promote "1025" medical equipment industry technology development of top design and arrangement, ministry of social development KeJiSi in 2011 in Beijing on May 12 for the medical device industry technology development special planning (2011-2015) "(hereinafter referred to as the" planning ") to conduct a expert advisory argumentation.
Expert advisory argumentation from the state council CanShiShi, natural foundation, China science and technology development strategy research institute and regulators medical equipment department, ministry of health and medical equipment material company rules many of strategic experts association. The meeting discussed and medical equipment industry technical innovation strategy alliance, the China association for medical devices industry, China biomedical engineering society, shandong xinhua medical equipment group, 301 hospital, national rehabilitation of props centers etc representatives and planning group experts.

Meeting hosted by YangZhe deputy secretary, ministry of science &technology SheFa company in biotechnology and medicine to represent special drafting group of expert advisory argumentation comprehensive report the compilation of the planning background, the previous strategy research work in five technology development, and twelve of the strategic needs and the challenges of the opportunities, the general ideas, goals and tasks and safeguard measures, etc, and introduces "1025" focus on the development of key technology, key products and task layout consideration.

The experts agree that the full discussion, medical equipment industry to benefit the livelihood of the people, the market has great potential and fierce competition, is the national industrial structure adjustment and change the strategic development mode of new industries. "Planning" fully body now national long-and mid-term science technology development plan for deployment, carried the national economy and social development the twelfth five-year plan "and" the state council about accelerate the growth and development of strategic new industry spirit of "decision, planning group survey solid, deeply, data fully considered the current development both for future medical reform, and the layout of the important needed, development thought science, clear, the goal design, this paper fully clear, task cloth is reasonable, and has strong bureau of the feasibility and operability, 1025" to "medical equipment industry technology development has important guiding significance. Experts agree, and the planning of the technical indicator setting, the construction of innovation system and safeguard measures etc. To put forward a lot of valuable opinions and Suggestions.

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