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Household medical equipment should be regularly "health check"

Number of visits: Date:May 6,2011
Longhu network - 20 is "world measuring date", the expert reminds, household medical devices regularly "health check" best, lest affect health misdiagnosis.

Citizens have high blood pressure, the mother of Mr Qian after he bought a WanShi blood, let mother often self-test. The day before yesterday, money, show after female self-test blood pressure numerical inside normal limits, so the day did not eat antihypertensive drug. Who knows the next street to buy food with way home almost fainted, measuring, blood pressure or sphygmomanometer a normal. To the city of integrated traditional Chinese and western medicine hospital a check, higher than normal blood pressure has many.

City medicine hospital doctors, director of the cardiovascular medicine experts zhang Ming said, household medical devices to the measurement accuracy comparable with hospital medical devices, such as WanShi electronic device, the measurement of pressure value for the pulse pressure value wrist artery, for most elderly speaking, especially those blood microcirculation impeded taller, thick with the patients, WanShi electronic device measurement results often have very big difference. Measuring method is wrong, measured values are different. Zhang Ming said, need to remind everybody, even regular brand medical equipment, a long time also can appear deviation, need regular approved measurement values.

(YangPu HouXiaoYun reporter check JinZhong correspondent)

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